First and foremost, I love Jesus.  Jesus is the purpose for my being, and in all I do I seek to honor Him.  It is from His heart that all I do flows, including my heart for this site.

I grew up with a strong interest and love for history, which I can attribute to my father who began teaching me at a very early age.  As I grew, I began to understand that in order to truly understand history and current geopolitics, you must have a firm understanding in economics, as well.

I received my M.A. in Economics where I focused on Macroeconomics and Capital Markets.  Completing my Ph.D. comp exams, I chose to join the largest team on one of the main investment firms on Wall Street.  This experience gave me great insight in to the real world of finance, as well as experience working with executives at top public corporations and gaining a unique perspective that otherwise I may not have.  I have since left that firm but still work within the investment industry.