The Economic Horizon

The Economic Horizon is the result of the deep need for truth, knowledge and education for individuals in our ever-changing and complex world today.  This is a unique platform for not only understanding geopolitics, economics and the financial markets, but also as an educational resource for those individuals who would like an on-going training.  The Economic Horizon has two key elements:  1) the current events blog, and 2) the EH Institute.

The blog is intended to provide free continent, original and linked, to help provide insight into relevant world events.

The EH Institute stands to equip and educate all individuals enrolled to gain a true understanding of economics in a way that is practical for their personal benefit.  For several years I have personally witnessed first-hand the detrimental impact of individuals having faulty or no understanding of true economics, and the negative consequences of relying on “investment fads” that are based on fallacies.  The program will begin with the fundamentals of economics and the financial markets, as well as a strong understanding of the true global economic structure of our current world.  From there, those enrolled will receive on-going reports detailing ever-changing events and presenting it in a way that is practical and understandable.

The EH Institute’s program will include three key components: 1) Fundamental Economics and Geopolitics, 2) Current Economic Trends, and 3) Personal Finance and Investing.

It is the goal of the EH Institute to prepare every individual enrolled to have a firm understanding of the economic landscape.  Providing clarity and holistic understanding of the current financial and economic environment is crucial to investing wisely, and this is a key goal for the program.  However, please note that at no time will anything produced through The Economic Horizon be intended as personalized investment recommendation and should be understood to be general knowledge for education purposes.  You should consult your personal investment professional that knows your personal situation before implementing any investment or financial decision.